About us

Pirgos Plast Ltd. produces, delivers and installs PVC, Aluminium, AL suspending facades and roofing construction, glass packages, doors, windows, blinds, hit-proof and bullet- proof windows. The company was created on 21.06.1994. The company has own stores – 8000 square kilometers of area. There are all kinds of available materials in great quantity on store. There are 72 workers in the company and most of them have an experience in this activity from 9 to 13 years.

Pirgos Plast Ltd. has its own representatives in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Pleven, Ruse, Haskovo, Sliven and Veliko Tyrnovo. For contacts click here.

The company has a certificate ISO 9001 – 2000, as well as Bulgarian Technical Approval. Protocols of examining the window-panes show good results, as our products take place among power savings building materials. The company`s opportunities for technical eqippment, experience and its aims in quality politics give an ability of export.

Since 1998 the company has started an export activity in Macedonia and Serbia and gradually with greater and greater quantities and destinations in Germany, Italy, France Belgium islands in Carribean Sea and Switzerland. Our products with low emission glass and heat conductivity factor K= 1.0 W/mK are competitive to those from developed European countries. Because of explicable reasons their price is lower so the transport expenses do not put any bigger expenses to the price. Due to the fact that Bulgaria became a EU member , the company has many perspectives in increasing the export activity of products. As it is concerned to us, our aspiration for perfection and quality is incessant. As an example to this is the fact that we built a new building – 5300 square kilometers covered area and introducing a second workshop for working of window-panes.Our logo is defined by the wish of our clients to be satisfied ones!

  • БТО (българско техническо одобрение)

    БТО (българско техническо одобрение)

  • Сертификат от KBE

    Сертификат от KBE

  • Сертификат на Еккелт за изработка и монтаж на точкова фасада тип – „Спайдер“

    Сертификат на Еккелт за изработка и монтаж на точкова фасада тип – „Спайдер“