Systems for Doors


58 mm series – used for smaller doors where there is a requirement to be more elegant and lighter.


The system Corona CT 70 is a system for pre – designed plastic multi-chaber profiles with building depth on the leaves of 40mm and high-value insulating windows. The door threshold is designed so that there is thermal break between the inner and outer space. That prevents cold zones on the floor in fron of the window system.

70mm series – it can be used to construct larger and wider doors having better strenght parameters. The additional strenghtening is achieved by ebedding special reinforcing corner fits.


The door system Corona CT 82 is suitable for many applications both in new constructions and in repair and renovation of buildings. Through the extensive program of supplies a high degree of security is ensured. Some of the features and advantages of the system are:

-Best heat insulation properties through thermal break of threshold;

-Concealed drainage;

-Enlarged building depth for greater security and protection against burglary.