Blinds and Night Shutters


The shutters are convincing not only for their functionality, but they are also much more often considered as important elemеnt for the appearance of the facade. Together with their ventilаtion function and sunscreens their decorative aspect comes to the fore. Shutters made of plastics or aluminium, with creative design and various colors largely determine the style of the facade, give your house individual expression, and finally that almost subtle, but important note.


When is required to comply it the hygiene or other special conditions we offer this type of product, where  the blinds are built into the glass window. They can also be electrified.


PVC blinds – white or colored- wood imitation, suitable for all types of windows, domestic premises of offices.

Al blinds – also white or wood imitation, they have better heat transfer coefficient and are used for larger glazed areas.

Blinds with a front mount may be offered as separate products for existing windows and doors.

All these can be mechanically driven by a rope joining in a box or rigid tie type “crank”. Electrically driven, there are two versions – with an electric motor powered by a button or remote control. Suitable for large heavy units and inaccessible places.

Option to integrate roller anti-insect net