Glass windows with thermal collectors and photovoltaic modules comply with requirements for facades with respect to closing the space, as well as heat, moisture and sound insulation. They are no longer additionally installed components, but technically and architecturally fully integrated into facade, respectively into the buildings. This allows for completely new design solutions.


Created by AGG Flat Glass Europe this type of glass prevents the penetration of 99.9% of bace=teria and fungi. In hospitals, dispensaries and other facilities we can use this great design for countertops, windows and cladding of walls, in necessary.


Using decorative, frosted or stained glasses, we manufacture glass windows, satisfying design requirements for interior design. Glass windows with interior decoration. Internal decoration astragal bars in different colors are integrated in various forms in the glazing.

The glass windows with exterior decoration are widely in the renovation of old buildings as well as the construction of new ones located in areas with ancient architecture.

Extra ribs are made in the glass indow using remote strip and in the outside double astragal bars – white, colored or imitation of wood are stuck, as required.


Three glass windows using combination of glasses of various width – financially economical solution for residential and administrative buildings.

Sound proof triplex glass windows.

Depending on the prescription with combinations of a single an two glasses and special treplex it can be achieved up to 51 dB sound insulation.


With various combinations of glass and resin we manufacture windows and glass windows with a class from shock resistance to resistance to a rirearm. They are used in the buildings against vandalism and in suspended facades and roof structures.



For cold areas we offer glass windows with thermal coefficient of 1,1 W/m2k to 0.6 w/m2k. There is used lo-emission glass with a soft finish on the third position in the glass. This type of glass windows is characterized by extremely high level of light transmission, low heat loss, resulting in maximum energy savings in the winter period.


For moderate and warm regions we recommend type of low-emissivity glazing with a soft finish on the second position. During the summer it repels the sunlight outside and saves from the cooling energy. During the winter period it retains the heat from heaters, insulates the building and reduces the heating bills by up to 68%. By its good U factor – 1.1 to up to 0.6 w/m2k.

For even better insulation – for all types of glass windows we can offer their implementation instead of the standard aluminium spacer – with such one of the type “warm edge” – Swisspacer. It has excellent thermal characteristics and improves up to 10% U-value of the glassing window and prevent potential condensation on the edges.


If a color solution is required for the facade we offer an intelligent combination of modified surface glassed. The first glass is with increased solar control and hard pyrolithic layer and the second glass is low emission glass. By combining this ay, the window glazing achieves a high level of sun protection in the summer and cold protection in the winter or possible comfort with stained glass.